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Motivated Management:

AlSaraTex Co. management team is composed of a team with:

Experienced Enginneers.
Knowledgeable Labor.

We produce quality 100% Acrylic Yarn in several metric counts (Nm), textures, and colors from the Tow Stage to the Finished Yarn.

Our acrylic yarn production is in Dyed System-Mass dying, which secures the rich color saturation of the yarn’s color and shade.

Our Normal and High Bulk Acrylic Yarn is specifically for inner knitting, used in several end markets (depending on the yarn's Nm count), such as knit wear, socks, etc...

Our Single Normal Yarn production counts are from 1/30 to 1/50 Nm Single, although our main specialty production is in 1/40 Nm Normal based on market demand.

In order to tailor our products to your specifications and desires perfectly, we will need to know specific information about your order specs. If you are interested in our yarn, please contact us on .



We trust that you will find satisfaction with our yarn specifically that our production process is highly concerned with top quality standards.
We look forward to a successful relationship ahead and in speaking with you soon!
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